• 1999,Introduced the advanced biotechnology   from America ,and applied the technology in the management of sewage and landscape water.

  • 2004,Combined the biochemical and physicalchemical technology, and applied into the difficult to treat wastewater.

  • 2012,Purchase German special membrane technology ,and set up the special membrane R&D and production base in Chengdu energy conservation and environmental protection industrial park.

  • 2015,The   new generation SUPER RO and DISC MBR launch.

  • 2016, introduced the Bi-CWO technology from America, and applied   the technology in high concentrate wastewater.

  • 2017,Eco-technology company was formally established.Business section expands to municipal sewage and sludge treatment.

  • 2018,The Investment Management Company was formally established, and is committed to the investment construction of Green Industrial Park Based on green technology.


MEIFUTE has more than 200 independent intellectual property rights in the physicochemical, biochemical and membrane technology, including special membrane technology, including 49 patents for invention.The special membrane SUPER RO pass the quality certification, such as TUV,CE,NSF.

  • 200 independent intellectual property rights

  • More than 160 patents   have been applied

  • 49 invention patents have been authorized

Special Membrane base

Meifute has built the largest special membrane R&D and production base in Chengdu environmental   and protection industrial park, covers an area of 50000 square meters, with 40000 square meters development workshop,8000 square meters of scientific experiment building, 3 automatic membrane production lines.

  • 50000 Area

  • 40000 workshop

  • 8000 Scientific Experiment

  • 3 Automatic production lines



MEIFUTE was established in 1999,and always focuses on the exploration and innovation for prevention and treatment of environmental pollution and resource utilization.

After more than 20 years' development, the group has grown into a state-level high-tech enterprise with technology R &D, core equipment manufacturing, consulting and design, engineering construction, investment and operation.

MEIFUTE has four core subsidiary companies, Membrane Technology company,   Environmental Management company,Water Management company, investment management company.

At the same time, we have more than ten subsidiaries in China, and have established branches in abroad.


Meifute hired   the domestic environment professional academic dean and authority ,especially in the field of membrane technology, establishing the academician workstation.


Meifute cooperates with international and domestic wellknown research institutes ,and establishes the laboratory and practice base.Now, there has built key Laboratory of wastewater treatment, special membrane technology research institute, biotech laboratory, special adsorption material laboratory, advanced oxygen chemical technology laboratory, evaporation technology laboratory, MBR Laboratory.