Chengdu Meifute Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.


Focusing on research ,development and production of special membrane,and set up the largest special membrane R&D and production base in China.It is the only Chinese high tech enterprise who owns the full range of special membrane products, such as RO,NF,UF,MF. The special membrane is high antifouling and has a long service life, not only can solution the industrial wastewater zero liquid discharge problem, but also reduce the invest and operation cost for customers.

R&D and production of special membrane

  • RO   NF   UF   MF     


Sichuan Meifute Environmental   Management   Co.,Ltd


Concentrating on the industrial wastewater treatment and resource utilization, and provide customers with systematic housekeeping services such as technology research and development, consulting and design, engineering and construction, commissioning and operation.

Industrial wastewater treatmentand resource utilization

  • Special membrane   ZLD technology                             

  • Bi-CWO(catalytic wet air oxidation)technology         

  • LIC High efficiency anaerobic technology     


Sichuan Meifute Eco-technology   Co.,Ltd.

Focus on comprehensive treatment of urban and rural water environment, sludge and garbage resource utilization and other fields, to provide customers with systematic professional services such as project consulting and design, engineering construction, investment and operation. After treatment, the wastewater can reach the reuse standard and the sludge can be fully recycled.

While safeguarding multiple benefits such as environment and economy, it also ensures the sustainable development of enterprises themselves.

Municipal Sewage Treatment Sludge Resource Disposal

  • MSBBR technology    

  • ATH technology


Chengdu Meifute Investment Management Consulting Co.,ltd.

Relying on the core technology of MEIFUTE Industry Group, advocating the concept of "environmental protection technology creates industrial value", and focus on building new economic models such as   surface treatment green industry park, textile printing and dyeing green industry park, pharmaceutical and chemical green industry park.

In the green industrial park, the wastewater can realize zero discharge and reuse, sludge can be reduced, harmless and resource-based, and waste gas can be clean discharge. It fundamentally solves the bottleneck of incompatibility between environmental protection and economic development, and strongly supports the development of local industrial economy.

  • Surface Treatment Green Industrial Park

  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical IndustryGreen Industrial Park

  • Textile printing and dyeing Green Industrial Park