Chengdu MEIFUTE Membrane Technology

Focusing on research,development and production of special membrane,owns the one of largest special membrane R&D and production base in China.

It is the only Chinese high tech enterprise who owns the full range of special membrane products, including RO,NF,UF,MF. The special membrane is high anti-fouling and has a long service life,not only can solute the industrial wastewater zero liquid discharge problem, but also reduce the investment and operation cost for customers.

Sichuan MEIFUTE Environmental Management

Concentrating on the industrial wastewater treatment and resource utilization, and provide customers with systematic housekeeping services such as technology research and development, consulting and design, engineering and construction, commissioning and operation.

ownsthe environmental engineering special design, environmental engineering general contract,general contract for municipal public engineering construction,mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering major contract qualification.

Sichuan MEIFUTE Water Management

With flat sheet MBR technology and extensive

biological wastewater treatment experience, Sichuan MEIFUTE water management company focus on expansion and

upgrading of municipal sewage treament plants, emergency treatment of municipal sewage

treatment, operation and maintenance of village and town sewage, pollution control

of natural waters.

Provide professional service, including project consultation and design,

engineering construction, investment and operation, etc.