Looking for distributors and agents

Cooperation partner

1. The agent must be a legally registered company and has business license.
2. The agent should has strong interest in wastewater treatment market.
3. The agent should has engineering and marketing ability in the environmental industry.

Cooperative ways

According to the scale and marketing ability of agent company, our cooperation ways are:
1. A certain regional product exclusive agency, has completely independent rights to exploit
market in this area.

2. A certain regional product general agent, the non-exclusive marketing within the region,

and has limited independent rights to exploit market.
3. The cooperation in wastewater treatment engineering project, the cooperation is in order
to build a platform through membrane products. Meifute can provide wastewater project consultation, design and training.

The pricing
According to different types of agents, we have the following 2 price systems.
1. The exclusive agent has exclusive regional dealership and the lowest price.
2. The general agent has regional general dealership, the price is lower
than the price of terminal market.

Techinical support and aftersales services
Free of charge to conduct lab tests, drawings and consultations etc.
Free of charge to train marketing and technical personnel.
3. Provide technical supports, including
free of charge to provide technical solutions, targeted program diagnosis, participate in engineering design, etc.