Longxi environmental electroplating industrial park has been rated as Electroplating demonstration zone of China, with the principals of “united disposal, cycle production, environmental protection”. The treatment capacity is 12000 tons per day

The electroplating wastewater has complicated content, high heavy metal ions and high COD.

Meifute adopted Super DiscTube reverse osmosis+evaporation.

From the current operation, the process not only ensures that the requirements of effluentwater quality, but also achieves a high standard of water reuse and zero liquid discharge.

Meifute has been rated as“Collaborative Innovation Award”, special membrane electroplating wastewater treatment technology was highly recognized by the environmental experts.

Project site
Influent and effluent characteristics

TypeCapacityInfluent indexEffluent index
Electroplating wastewater


Recovery rate≥75%

pH 6-9

COD≤500 mg/L

Hardness≤ 300mg/L




pH 6-9



Electroplating wastewater treatment