Oil and gas field wastewater treatment

Classical and charateristics of oil and gas field wastewater:

Oil Field Waste Water Type:
Oilfiled Produced Water /Fracturing Fluid / Drilling Waste Water/ Others (rain, domestic waste wateretc.)

Gas Filed WasteType:

Formation Water /Fracturing Fluid / Drilling Waste Water / Purification Plant Wastewater /Others (rain etc)

Water Characteristics:

1)Complex content, high concentration

2)High suspended matter content, high fineparticles, settle down slowly.

3)High pollution load.  

MEIFUTE Oil and gas field wastewater treatment
1st Stage: Oil Removal

Satuated mositure floatation technology

1. The system is packaged, small footprint and easy for shipping.

2. Highly automatic, easy to operate.

3. High oil removal efficiency.

2nd Stage: Oxidative colloid breaking

Choose Fenton and fluid bed reactor.

1. Unique structure to increase efficiency of massive exchange

2. Shorten reaction time, reduce chemical consumption and operation cost

3. Treat all the wastewater, sludge and remaining, no hazardous waste left.

Core stage: Desalinization and COD removal

Choose SUPER DiscTube RO module, which is designed for wastewater, and can solve the high concentrated wastewater problem.

1. Anti-fouling,anti-clogging.

2. Stand high pressure

3. Stable effluent quality

4. Simply technical process