Leachate features

High COD

High TDS

High ammonia and nitrogen content

C/N/P ratio disorder

Various heavy metal contents

Characteristics of landfill leachate changes with climate changes

Conventional treatment method
Traditional process and Disadvantage


1. Spiral NF/RO fouling problem

Landfill leachate effluent COD is about 1000mg/L. Spiral NF/RO can only process feed wastewater with less than COD 100mg/L. Processing High COD wastewater can result in membrane fouling.

2. Poor system stability

Due to the complicated contect of leachate, the activated sludge has poor performance. Also biological process is susceptive to extenal factors, such as anaerobic system is particularly sensitive to temperature.

3. High volume of concentrated wastewater

Due to the low recovery rate spiral NF/RO, the overall recovery rate of conventional membrane treatment system is less than 60%. which leaves high volume of concentrated waste water for evaporation or reinjection.  

Meifute landfill leachate treatment technology

1. Super NF/RO high fouling resistant

Membrane is not easy fouled.

System has good stability.

The quality of effluent  is not affected by the performance of biological treatment.

Long membrane life span.

2. High RecoveryRate

Super NF/RO operates at  higher pressure thus achieve higher recovery rate up to 90%. The system will generate less concentrated waste water.

3. Better economic performance of evaporater

Less concentrated waste water, less operational cost for evaporater.