Zero liquid discharge

Removing the salts and pollutants in the eachstage of production sewage, meeting production and recycling requirements, allrecycled, no waste liquid to rule out factory.

The salt and pollutant whichareconcentrated into solid or liquid at high magnification are treated separately in the form of solid waste.

Traditional technology

Conventional Physical-chemical, Biological methods

Conventional methods can reduce COD and NH3-N, but it is unable to remove the soluble salts in the waste water.

The Traditional Technology disadvantages

1. Disadvantages of spiral wound RO

     Poor fouling resistance.

     Limited operational pressure.

     Recovery rate can only reach 45%-55%.

2. High cost for evaporation    
     1) High installation cost

     (over $ 3100 /ton water)
     2) High energy consumption

     ($ 9.3/m³ water. 0.4 tons of steam/ton wastewater, $ 23.26/ton of steam)

SUPER NF/RO membrane technology

MEIFUTE SUPER NF/RO membrane features

1. Exellent effluent quality. Recyle potential.
2. Higher recovery rate and less concentrated waste water volume. Less evaporator installation and operation cost